Monday, December 8, 2008

Can I get a Tweet Tweet....

I'll admit it, until last week's class I had no idea why or how anyone could spend time Twittering. But, once Dr. Waters let us loose I quickly understood how someone could become hooked. However, I think the tar fumes might have affected my newfound Twitter amazement, especially since I haven't been tempted to go on Twitter since class. That being said, I agree with Blake Cahill's post regarding the possibities of Twitter for buisnesses.

Cahill identified five ways a company could increase buisness with Twitter. Interestingly, the five functions identified by Cahill are not revoltionary or new buisness practices. Most companies already incorporate these functions in their day to day operations. However, Twitter does open a new venue for organizations to monitor communications previously unseen.

1. Monitor Industry & Competition
2. Track Conversations
3. Grow Sales
4. Enhance Customer Service
5. Expand Communications with Stakeholders